7th November 2014, concert of Kasabian @ Le Zénith, Paris (France)

Photos : Alan VAN BRACKEL | Review : Sandrine ‘LILSAN’ (translation from French by Alan)

Kasabian, welcome to Paris !

The city of “wonderful gigs, good food, good wine. Women here are beautiful, the men however I don’t really know…” © Tom « no filter » Meighan.

Paris is magic

And what is scarce is more valuable. The crowd gathered here at the Zénith wants to fully enjoy the only one (yes, the only one in France) for the 48:13-post-release tour (we had the exclusivity of the first gig for this area at the Bataclan, you could tell me. Yes indeed, and we won’t complain. However, we still campaign for the return of proper mini-tour outside of Paris. As Paris is not France. So, as you want, come for 3 or 4 gigs in our land. Or 10.) As the first notes of “shiva” are spread across, “bumblebeee” washes over the crowd. We can already tell that people will shake their bodies tonight.

The oldies but goldies “Shoot The Runner”, “Underdog”, “Where Did All The Love Go”, “Days Are Forgotten” – always efficient – raise quickly the temperature…

Is Paris Burning?

Paris is on “Fire”, my general! And not only during the eponymous song. The best proof is probably the effect done by “eez-eh” on the public. Imagine a gasoline puddle. Add a burning matchstick. Let’s add that the live version is even more bursting with energy than the album version. “Processed Beats” follows, and we must say that it still is one of the French people’s favourite according to the screams of ecstasy that can be heard. Well, shake the whole and leave on.

Here is Paris

Why not then pronounce a few words in the local language? Tom gives the rhythm: “Bonsoir!”, “Merci Paris!”, while Serge whispers “We love you, je t’aime Pareee” as he begins the acoustic part of the set, which brings us to the always delightful “Thick As Thieves”. Just the time to catch our breath again for several minutes of relative calm.

Paris is a party

Are you tired, Paris? How sad. “Club Foot” charges again, “Re-Wired” follows. Alors on danse, as they say. And we probably mentioned it before, but 48:13 is an electro album. The synths are out, then. The dancefloor part is on peak with “treat”, its light show, its lasers, its Pink Floydian prisms, and a brand new extended live version. Sergio comes to great the public, and “Empire” takes over it.

Paris for a black pink celebration

At least a pray, like the one we do when the encore begins with “stevie.” Kasabian are not here to be lazy, if we had doubts, we (physically) feel that the crowd will be harsh. “Vlad The Impaler” and “L.S.F.” close the debate and kill a crowd that always wants more.

Paris will always be Paris

And Kasabian will always be Kasabian. With those guys, we are far away from the spleen de Paris